Week In Review: October 18-24, 2021

The series “First Experiences Under Fire” continued this week and other highlights included posts for the historic anniversaries of Cedar Creek and Ball’s Bluff.

Monday, October 18:

Question of the Week asked about your autumn reading list.

Under Fire: Sarah Kay Bierle posted an account from A.F. Shaw’s reminiscence in the 4th Georgia Cavalry.

Tuesday, October 19:

Sarah Kay Bierle added letter excerpts from Colonel Charles Russell Lowell, Jr. on the anniversary of his death at the Battle of Cedar Creek.

Wednesday, October 20:

Jon-Erik Gilot wrote about riverine warfare on West Virginia’s Kanawha River.

Under Fire: The humor version of “Just Before The Battle Mother”…

Chris Mackowski’s 2021 ECW Symposium presentation about General Stevenson is now available on C-SPAN.

Thursday, October 21:

Chris Heisey posted a photograph and account from the Battle of Ball’s Bluff.

Private Robert A. Moore wrote about the 17th Mississippi Infantry’s experience at Ball’s Bluff.

Under Fire: Sarah Kay Bierle posted about Company I of the 20th Massachusetts at Ball’s Bluff.

Friday, October 22:

Under Fire: Edward Alexander created a map and wrote about the First Maine Heavy Artillery.

ECW Weekender highlighted some upcoming events at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC.

Saturday, October 23:

Saving History Saturday: American Battlefield Trust enters Phase 2 of preservation efforts at Gaines Mill and Cold Harbor.

Under Fire: Ryan Quint posted the 6th Pennsylvania Reserves and the Battle of Dranesville.

Sunday, October 24:

Weekly Whitman: Meg Groeling reflected on “Years of Modern.”

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