Saving History Saturday: Part of Aldie Battlefield Preserved Through Easement

There are a variety of ways that land can be preserved. For historic battlefields, we usually think of the work of purchase a property and then preparing it for interpretation. However, another option available to property owners is easement, and that’s exactly what happened for part of Aldie Battlefield in northern Virginia.

According to a news article that appeared this week in the Middleburg Eccentric, the Land Trust of Virginia has placed 87.8 acres of the Jolee Farm under permanent conservation easement through the willing efforts of the property owners. For the Civil War community, this news also means that a portion of the Civil War cavalry battlefield from the Gettysburg Campaign just became part of a “No Build Zone” and is protected viewshed.

Please be aware that this part of the battlefield is not available for public access at this time, and though under easement for protection, the land is still privately owned. If you are interested in visiting publicly accessible interpretation for the Battle of Aldie, check out the follow resources:

Emerging Civil War –  Battle of Aldie (Articles)

American Battlefield Trust – Visiting Aldie Battlefield

For more information and photos about the new land easement, please visit:

2 Responses to Saving History Saturday: Part of Aldie Battlefield Preserved Through Easement

  1. Its easy to see how I benefit but, no offense intended, its not clear to me how does the magnanimous gracious deserving of great lauds landowner benefit from granting an easement of such large proportion? I am thankful for people of such character who the future’s future will look upon with gratitude.

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