Week In Review: October 31-November 7, 2021

Book reviews, navy history, a puzzling diary, the largest Civil War museum west of the Mississippi, and more on the blog this week. And don’t miss our new series which takes a look at stories about writing the books in the Emerging Civil War Series…

Sunday, October 31:

In the evening, a new blog series was announced —”The Emerging Civil War Series” — which explores the stories and writing of the books!

Monday, November 1:

Question of the Week focused on voting and 1860’s politics.

It’s the Conclusion of the blog series “First Experiences Under Fire.”

Emerging Civil War Series: Simply Murder

Tuesday, November 2:

Meg Groeling reviewed Till Death Do Us Part: The Letters of Emory and Emily Upton.

Here’s what is new on Brian Swartz’s blog, Maine at War.

Emerging Civil War Series: The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson

Wednesday, November 3:

Symposium Spotlight: Garry Adelman’s presentation for the 2022 Symposium has been announced.

David T. Dixon wrote about the puzzling diary of Captain Edmund O’Brien.

Emerging Civil War Series: Season of Slaughter

Thursday, November 4:

Guest author Patrick Kelly-Fischer shared about reading Kevin Waite’s “West of Slavery.”

Emerging Civil War Series: Bushwhacking on a Grand Scale

Friday, November 5:

Dwight Hughes posted about Brown-Water Navies during the Civil War.

ECW Weekender: Sheritta Bitikofer recently visited the Texas Civil War Museum.

Emerging Civil War Series: Bloody Autumn

Saturday, November 6:

Saving History Saturday: A new land easement preserves part of Aldie Battlefield.

Emerging Civil War Series: Hurricane from the Heavens

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