Question of the Week: 12/27/21-1/2/22

What Civil War book(s) did you get for Christmas?

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  1. Robert E. Lee and Me, by Ty Seidule

    Their Maryland, by Alexander Rossino

    Back Door to Richmond, by William Glenn Robertson

  2. The Civil War related book that I received for Christmas depicts the story concerning the raid to sink the CSS Albemarle called “Civil War Commando” by Jerome Preisler.

  3. As much as they think I’m silly for asking for books, my family came through this year! They got me “Cotton and Race In The Making of America” and “Disunion! The Coming of the American Civil War 1789-1859”. Both are required reading for my next college class, but I wanted to read them anyway 🙂

  4. Marching Home by Brian Matthew Jordan and Tim Smith’s Vicksburg siege book. Have pre-ordered Sean Michael Chick’s Beauregard. I bought Ethan Refuse’s McClellan at the Antietam gift store recently. Bought Jim Hessler’s Peach Orchard book at Gettysburg’s books for historians shop, along with his Pickett’s Charge book. Also picked up Carol Reardon’s Pickett’s Charge in memory book there as well. Also got the Peter Carmichael Union soldiers book at the Gettysburg USMNP gift store. Lastly bought a John Brown biography at Harpers Ferry. And that’s just Civil War related history books. I am a hog.

  5. Ambrose Bierce, Civil War Stories. I want to read if he is as “dark” in his stories as others have said he is.

  6. Giles Tremlett’s “The International Brigades” – a civil war book, although a different country’s civil war. (The XV International Brigade did contain the Abraham Lincoln Battalion and the John Brown Battery.)

  7. A holiday gift to myself, found on YouTube a couple of days ago: “The Surprising True Story of a Confederate Spy- Rose O’Neale Greenhow.” Presented in 2005 at UNC Chapel Hill by book author and reporter, Ann Blackman, this 40-minute talk reveals details of Mrs. Greenhow’s career difficult to acquire anywhere else. Those with a deep interest in John C. Calhoun, Jefferson Davis, the Lincoln Assassination, or foreign support of the Confederacy… will find this video especially interesting. Begins about 30 seconds in:

  8. Not a book, but a framed map of the Battle of Fort Stevens to be hung over a diorama of the battle that I put together. Perhaps I should do a book for Emerging Civil War on the battle?

  9. 1. Lee is Trapped and Must Be Taken by Thomas Ryan and Richard Schaus
    2. Their Maryland by Alex Rossino
    3. First Fallen by Meg Groeling coming next month

  10. “The Confederate War” by Gary Gallagher and “Manassas Battlefields: Then and Now” by Garry Adelman

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