Week In Review: January 10-16, 2022

Treason? Blockade Runners? Interviews? Fallen leaders? Check all the boxes! We’ve had some unique topics featured on the blog in the last week and here’s the complete list:

Monday, January 10:

Question of the Week put a twist on music and historical figures.

Guest author Alexander B. Rossino explored a possibly treasonous incident with Major John J. Key.

Sheritta Bitikofer interviewed Dr. Damian Shiels of Irish American Civil War Blog during a visit to Andersonville. Check out the video!

Tuesday, January 11:

Bert Dunkerly wrote about Braxton Bragg for a 160th Anniversary moment.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about blockade runners.

Wednesday, January 12:

Symposium Spotlight: Sean Michael Chick will be speaking in August! Event tickets are on sale now and we expect that this event will sell out.

Brian Swartz shared about Hiram Berry, a fallen leader from Maine.

Thursday, January 13:

Guest author Anthony Trusso wrote about Bull Run and Civil War memory.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about lighthouses and the Civil War.

Friday, January 14:

There are a few tickets left for the April 9th Pittsburgh Symposium. Details here…

ECW Weekender: Chris Mackowski revisits Vicksburg National Military Park.

Saturday, January 15:

Saving History Saturday: Filmmaker Ken Burns speaks up for preservation at Manassas National Battlefield Park.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted a few thoughts about Civil War humor and fear.

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