Symposium Spotlight: Sunday Tour at Slaughter Pen Farm

It’s a long-held tradition at the ECW Symposium’s that Sunday morning is a battlefield tour and adventure. This year, at the 2022 Symposium, we’ll be at Fredericksburg battlefield, touring Slaughter Pen Farm. Kris White and Chris Mackowski will led the walk as we explore the history, topography, and preservation at this important site.

Several “what-ifs” will come to light as we delve deeper into the accounts of leadership, attacks, and counterattacks on the southern portion of the Fredericksburg battlefield. There is no Sunken Road here to capture the war-like imagination, but in the open fields and swampy woods of this part of the battlefield was Union victory actually within grasp? Could Stonewall Jackson have been defeated? The land and the accounts of what happened hold clues and the reality what did unfold at this key position.

Tickets are on-sale for the 2022 ECW Symposium and we hope to see you in the conference room and out in the field at Slaughter Pen Farm!

Slaughter Pen Farm at Fredericksburg

6 Responses to Symposium Spotlight: Sunday Tour at Slaughter Pen Farm

    1. This will be the only battlefield tour, but we should be releasing more information soon on other planned events!

      1. Thanks for the heads up. I won’t need to leave Va Beach quite so early then. Looking on the bright side!

  1. Glad to hear this is the Sunday tour. Our roundtable just donated to the ABT fundraising appeal for paying off the note on this acquisition. Good selection. Will there be another Friday morning tour? That was a hit last year, obviously.

    1. Hi Glen,

      No Friday morning tour this year, but we are planning another event for Saturday that we should have more information on soon!

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