Week In Review: February 6-13, 2022

The Civil War Forts Blog Series is in full swing and you’ll also find some naval history, a book review, a trailblazing West Point graduate, and more…

Sunday, February 6:

Civil War Forts: In the evening, Sarah Kay Bierle posted newspaper accounts of the Union capture of Fort Henry.

Monday, February 7:

Question of the Week highlighted Civil War forts.

Jon-Erik Gilot wrote about the engagement at Wishart Point and some Chincoteague, Virginia history.

Civil War Forts: Chris Mackowski shared about Fort Henry’s modern condition and location.

Tuesday, February 8:

Civil War Forts: Doug Crenshaw posted about battle at Fort Harrison.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about the first African American cadet to graduate from West Point, Class of 1877.

Wednesday, February 9:

Symposium Spotlight: The Sunday Tour has been announced — Slaughter Pen Farm at Fredericksburg!

Civil War Forts: Bert Dunkerly wrote about historic “tourism” at Drewry’s Bluff. 

Thursday, February 10:

Civil War Forts: Brian Swartz examined two earthen forts in Maine.

Doug Crenshaw reviewed Voices of the Army of the Potomac.

Friday, February 11:

Neil P. Chatelain explored attrition rates of the city-class ironclads.

(Civil War Forts) ECW Weekender: Taking a trip to Civil War Forts through the ECW blog archives

Saturday, February 12:

Saving History Saturday: University students make successful efforts to save the historic site of a freedman community.

Chris Heisey shared a photograph of a Lincoln statue and some reflections on the Lincolns’ marriage.

Civil War Forts: Sarah Kay Bierle posted excerpts from a 19th Century fiction book that include descriptions of Fort Fisher.

Sunday, February 13:

Civil War Forts: This morning there’s a new post about the military history interpretive tablets at Fort Donelson!

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