Question of the Week: 3/7-3/13/22

Are you reading a Civil War book about or by a woman this month for Women’s History Month?

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10 Responses to Question of the Week: 3/7-3/13/22

  1. mark harnitchek says:

    Lurcretia Mott”s Heresy: Abolition and Women’s Rights in the Nineteenth Century by Carol Faulkner

  2. No not yet. Currently reading “The Howling Storm” by Kenneth Noe. Some narrative noted about women in this book.

  3. Joe Geml says:

    Just starting “Ends of war” by Caroline Janney. Excellent so far!

  4. Yancy Stap says:

    “The Woman in Battle” by Loretta Velazquez. Autobiography.

  5. nygiant1952 says:

    I’m reading …”Just South of Gettysburg”

  6. I’ve been slowing reading through more of Emilie Davis’ pocket diary, as well as a book on how quilts were used in the Underground Railroad and how women chose the varying shapes and colors to convey meaning and direct freedom seekers to sanctuary. Very interesting stuff.

  7. John Pryor says:

    I don’t do “Flavor of the Month” focused reading. I happen to be reading Mary Todd Lincoln: Her Life and Letters, co-authored by Linda Levitt Turner. I’m REALLY looking forward to reading Caroline Janney’s new work, saw her on CSpan recently.

  8. Mike Maxwell says:

    “A Low, Dirty Place: the Parole Camps of Annapolis, 1862 – 1865” by R. Rebecca Morris (2013) in order to conduct background research for a family history.

  9. Katy Berman says:

    “A Civil Life in an Uncivil Time: Julia Wilbur’s Struggle for Purpose” by Paula Tarnapol Whitacre. I enjoyed this book because the rather unlikeable heroine lived in a remarkable time, rubbed shoulders with the likes of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs, and did a great deal of good.

  10. Lyle Smith says:

    I continue to read Mary Chesnut’s and Sarah Morgan’s diaries.

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