Shiloh Video Recap

We’ve had a lot of video content lately on both the ECW YouTube and Facebook pages. On Facebook, we’ve been reposting videos from the western video swing ECW took with the American Battlefield Trust, which was a total blast (check out ABT’s playlist here). On the YouTube page, we took some time to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the battle of Shiloh (with special help from historian Parker Hills and a cameo from Garry Adelman).

In case you missed anything from Shiloh in the deluge of videos on Facebook, we wanted to be sure you had the chance to catch them. Here’s a rundown:

Intro to the Series:

The Signs of Shiloh:

Albert Sidney Johnston’s Crisis of Faith (with historian Parker Hills):

Lick ‘Em Tomorrow:

Grant’s Last Line at Shiloh:

The Mississippi Monument at Shiloh (with historian Parker Hills):

The Iowa Monument at Shiloh:

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    1. Thanks. It was fun to do–and obviously a little catch-as-catch-can while we were doing videos for the ABT series!

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