Grant’s 200th Birthday…In The Wilderness

Edwin Forbes’s sketch of troops cheering for Grant after the Wilderness. (LOC)

Did you see Chris Mackowski’s videos for Grant’s 200th Birthday this week? They are on Emerging Civil War’s Facebook page, and now we’ve got links to share here on the blog.

At Grant’s Headquarters in The Wilderness




Visiting The Wilderness Where Grant Changed The War



2 Responses to Grant’s 200th Birthday…In The Wilderness

  1. Lee’s troops were in the highest of spirits at the same locale, almost a year ago to the day. They were marching/charging up the Old Plank Road towards Chancellor House with the Yankees on the run.

    Chris is a great Wilderness guy. I enjoyed, learned from, recommend his youtube walk-through of how Longstreet got wounded.

  2. Twenty or more years ago, I was asked to participate in a debate hosted by the Cleveland CWRT. The topic: what was the most important battle of the Civil War. Likely candidates included Gettysburg, Vicksburg etc., and I selected The Wilderness for the reason Dr. Mackowski articulated in this video. I did not win, but at some of the audience agreed with me.

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