Week in Review: May 1-8, 2022

It’s been a full week of battle anniversary posts with a variety of perspectives and “emerging” accounts…

Sunday, May 1:

In the evening, Brian Swartz posted history from Maine at War from April 2022.

Monday, May 2:

Question of the Week introduced “what ifs” for Chancellorsville.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted Part 1 about the McGee Family who lived near Chancellorsville.

Tuesday, May 3:

Chris Mackowski shared memorial poetry for Hiram Berry. 

Sarah Kay Bierle posted Part 2 about the McGee Family, exploring when the Union cavalry arrived during the Overland Campaign.

Wednesday, May 4:

Symposium Spotlight: Here’s some more suggested reading to get ready for August!

Sean Michael Chick shared research about the Louisiana Unification Movement during the Reconstruction Era.

Thursday, May 5:

Brian Swartz shared about Winfield S. Hancock at the battle of Williamsburg.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about General Cullen Battle’s leadership during the battle of The Wilderness.

Friday, May 6:

Neil P. Chatelain wrote about blockades, privateers, and the 1856 Declaration of Paris for this new look at maritime history.

ECW Weekender: Sarah Kay Bierle took a hike up Sitlington Hill at McDowell Battlefield.

It’s the anniversary of Longstreet’s wounding in The Wilderness…

Saturday, May 7:

Saving History Saturday: Grant Cottage is getting more land to preserve!

Ryan Quint wrote about Confederate officer casualties at Chancellorsville.

Chris Mackowski explored “what if Longstreet hadn’t been wounded at The Wilderness”?

Check out the new (free) ECW Podcast episode this week: Grant vs. Lee (all about the newest book in the ECW 10th Anniversary Series).

Sunday, May 8:

This morning Chris Mackowski wrote about Sarah Spindle and the battle of Spotsylvania.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about Mary Cushing for Mother’s Day.

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