Beast Butler in the Chamber Pot

General Benjamin Butler

You’ve heard the tales of Maj. Gen. Benjamin “Beast” Butler in New Orleans, so reviled that they put his likeness in chamber pot.

I finally had the chance to see one for myself today: Beast Butler at the bottom of chamber pot!

Kris White and I had the privilege this afternoon to explore some of the highlights in the collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society, courtesy of a mission we’re on for the American Battlefield Trust. Butler, of course, was from Lowell, Massachusetts, and had strong political ties to the Bay State for his entire professional and political careers, so the society has a number of artifacts and documents related to him.

Take a peek at the pot:

3 Responses to Beast Butler in the Chamber Pot

  1. Some may be grossed out but I say thank you for sharing. In 1970’s Russia, I was told, ie third or fourth-hand, they didn’t have alot of toiletpaper, that they used crinkled unfolded balled-up newspaper, and the newspaper of choice for that purpose would contain pictures of policiticians. That may have been possible in 1860’s New Orleans, too.

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