Week In Review: July 11-17, 2022

From North Anna to symposium news to arm chair generaling and Monocacy battlefield (and more!), there’s plenty of new content this week on the ECW blog. Here’s the Week in Review:

Monday, July 11:

Question of the Week focused on summer reading.

Chris Mackowski revisited North Anna, a fiction book, and a what if.

Tuesday, July 12:

Guest author Tim Talbott explained what the abbreviations used by African American units during the Civil War mean.

Announcement: C-SPAN is not filming the 2022 ECW Symposium. Come join us in person – tickets still available!

Guest author Carol VanOrnum shared about the CWRT Congress and their work to aid this part of the history community.

Wednesday, July 13:

Symposium Spotlight: Zachery Fry joins the ECW Symposium speaker line up!

Max Longley reviewed A House Built by Slaves.

Thursday, July 14:

Chris Mackowski wrote about Halleck and Meade after Gettysburg.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted some thoughts about names and biographies.

Friday, July 15:

Sarah Kay Bierle added a primary source account of a Vermonter soldier “playing arm chair general” in 1864.

ECW Weekender: Jon Tracey shared about his recent visit to Monocacy battlefield.

Saturday, July 16:

Saving History Saturday spotlighted the opening of Rocky Face Ridge Park in Georgia.

Sunday, July 17:

This morning Derek Maxfield shared a photo from Fort Donelson. 

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