The Erie County Soldiers’ Memorial

Erie County Soldiers’ Memorial/ Terry Rensel

Paid for by Dan Rice and created by sculptor Leonard Volk, the Erie County Soldiers’ Memorial was inaugurated on November 1, 1865. Situated on an island of land, in the middle of U.S. Route 20, which the lanes split to go around it, in Girard, PA., the memorial is believed to be one of the first ones erected after the war. At the time Rice’s home sat on the north side of the modern, and historic, road. The inscription on the north face reads, “In memory of the Officers and Soldiers from Erie County Penn who have died in defence of their country.” An inscription on the southern facing side reads, “Erected by Dan Rice. Inaugurated Nov. 1, 1865.”

Civil War era canon sit on each end of the island. On the east side sits one produced in 1864 by the Seyfert McManus Co. at Scott’s Foundry, Reading, PA. On the western end is one produced in 1861 by J.R. Anderson & Co., Tredegar Foundry, Richmond, VA. Both canons are currently in storage, as the granite pedestals that they sit on are being repaired after being hit in separate traffic accidents. The canons are expected to be back in place by early August.

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  1. Thank you for this post about another interesting landmark to check out when visiting Erie!

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