Question of the Week: 8/29-9/4/22

Yesterday was Mort Künstler’s 95th birthday. Happy birthday, Mort!

Many of us have Mort’s prints, Civil War and otherwise. What’s your favorite?

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10 Responses to Question of the Week: 8/29-9/4/22

  1. Larry De Maar says:

    The Last Council with Jackson and Lee

  2. Scott Shuster says:

    Bringing Cleburne In

  3. nygiant1952 says:

    Jackson’s Foot Cavalry

  4. Lyle Smith says:

    Happy birthday Mort! Looking good.

  5. billhenck says:

    While the Enemy Rests and Morning Riders

  6. W Charles Young says:

    Let us cross over the river

  7. Bill C. says:

    I actually own and have framed s/n …Cross Over the River, and His Supreme Moment. I also own Steady, Boys, Steady, and Sharpsburg War Council, but have not framed them. When I type it out, it seems like a lot. If I were to get another, it would be Hold at All Cost. His Supreme Moment was my first, so probably my favorite.

  8. waynegettysgrg says:

    Mort’s “The Bloody Angle” always stood out to me. Amazing battle detail in the Spotsylvania rain.

  9. John Pryor says:

    Jackson in Winchester.

  10. mark harnitchek says:

    Moonlight and Magnolias … a gift from my wife.

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