Kernstown: Chilling Light of a Battlefield

On the anniversary of the battle of Kernstown (March 23, 1862), here are some photos from the fighting ground, located in the Virginian Shenandoah Valley, just south of Winchester. Let the beauty of nature reflect and tell the chilling moments of the first battle in Jackson’s 1862 Valley Campaign.

Pritchard House covered in late winter snow. (Chris Heisey)
Pritchard House upon Pritchard Hill taken on battle anniversary 2010. (Chris Heisey)
Ice pattern – Rose Hill Park puddle near the Kernstown Stone Wall. (Chris Heisey)
A Carolina Wren perched on a tree by the Stone Wall. (Chris Heisey)
The slopes of Sandy Ridge by the Stone Wall bathed in dawn’s warm light. (Chris Heisey)
Kernstown Stone Wall along Sandy Ridge. (Chris Heisey)
The winter sun pierces the landscape by the Stone Wall at Kernstown. (Chris Heisey)
Fallen leaves soaked in autumn rain blanket the Stone Wall. (Chris Heisey)
Limestone rubble provides apt metaphor for the heavy casualties Stonewall Jackson’s troops suffer here on March 23, 1862. (Chris Heisey)

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  1. Your pictures are a treasure, my friend. Beautiful images. In particular, I loved the wren, and the “winter sun pierces” image caught me pleasantly by surprise.

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