Decisions at Shiloh/Shiloh on the ECW YouTube Page

To help commemorate the anniversary of the battle of Shiloh, Chris Mackowski chatted with with historian Dave Powell for the Emerging Civil War Podcast about Dave’s new book, Decisions at Shiloh. You can listen to it in podcast form here, or you can watch the video of that interview on the ECW YouTube page:

And if you’re looking to spend some time down the Shiloh rabbit hole on YouTube, ECW has plenty to offer! We have Tim Smith, Parker Hills, Kris White, Iowans, Mississippians, Albert Sidney Johnston, Ulysses S. Grant, Everett Peabody, an escape from Corinth, and even a Garry Adleman photo bomb. What a perfect way to spend a Friday evening!


2 Responses to Decisions at Shiloh/Shiloh on the ECW YouTube Page

  1. I just got the Shiloh book. Based on skimming through it, this looks like another excellent Powell product. The identification of multiple options related to each decision is obviously the result of thorough research and insight.

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