ECW Podcast: Civil War Memory and Monuments

Join ECW’s Jon Tracey and Chris Mackowski as they discuss Civil War Memory and Monuments on the latest episode of the Emerging Civil War Podcast, now available. (Go here to listen.)

Civil War Memory and Monuments is a volume in the Emerging Civil War 10th Anniversary Series. The book contains essays that look at the relationship between history and memory—and the important differences between them.


3 Responses to ECW Podcast: Civil War Memory and Monuments

  1. I just listened to the interview and found the subject fascinating. The veterans who were responsible for many of the monuments lived through a vitally important time in history as young men and came back to dedicate the monuments as older men who had had an opportunity to reflect on what it all meant. Jon’s point about how the Civil War was but one part of their lives is telling. Their entire life experiences went into those monuments and the monuments, whenever they were dedicated, serve as a mirror on that particular period in time.

    1. Thanks, Bill! We hope you’ll read the book to get the full array of the discussion. Plenty there to think about!

    2. Thanks Bill! Glad you appreciated that point – veterans lived a lot of life between 1865 and dedications decades later. Those four years shaped them for sure, but there’s more going on.

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