Thomas G. Stevenson: “He looked very promising.”

“Can you put something in about General Stevenson?” one of our blog commenters asked yesterday. “He looked very promising.”

Ask and ye shall receive!

Brig. Gen. Thomas Greely Stevenson was a 28-year-old division commander in the Federal IX Corps who was killed during the battle of Spotsylvania Court House on the morning of May 10, 184. Historian Gordon Rhea, dean of Overland Campaign scholars, has described Stevenson as “arguably Burnside’s ablest division commander.” Stevenson began the war as colonel of the 24th Massachusetts and saw his first action during Burnside’s New Berne expedition. Dependable service earned him promotion up the ranks as well as the personal esteem of Burnside, who considered Stevenson a favorite.

On May 10, 1864, Stevenson had been behind the lines, down in a low area that—he and his staff thought—was protected from skirmishing along the front. A stray bullet from the firefight hit him in the head as he rested against a tree. It seemed so random that, at first, witnesses thought it was the work of a sharpshooter‚ and that story did spread through the army, but upon reflection, those on the scene realized it was the unfortunate result of chance.

The incident took place across the street from Stevenson Ridge (outlined in the below map in yellow) but behind the same ridgeline. Witnesses from the 100th Pennsylvania, “The Roundheads,” put Stevenson right behind their unit.

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