The Civil War on the Water Now Available from the Emerging Civil War 10th Anniversary Series

You see this man? He looks pretty happy, doesn’t he? In fact, he looks downright delighted. You know why? He’s happy because the latest hardcover in the Emerging Civil War 10th Anniversary Series is now available from Savas Beatie—and he’s one of the book’s editors.

This is Dwight Hughes. “Dwight Sturtevant Hughes,” as he appears on the cover. (As he signed these boxes and boxes of books, he maybe got just a little less happy. “It might have been better if I’d only used my middle initial,” he admitted, flexing his knuckles, trying to stretch out a little writer’s cramp.)

Dwight is one of our navy guys at ECW. He’s a former Navy guy himself, and he’s written a couple naval books: A Confederate Biography” The Cruise of the CSS Shenandoah and Unlike Anything that Ever Floated: The Monitor, The Virginia, and the Battle of Hampton Roads (a book in the Emerging Civil War Series).

His latest project, The Civil War on the Water, collects the best of ECW’s naval pieces from our first ten years. There’s plenty of original content, too, much of it written by Dwight to provide connective tissue between the other essays. The idea, he says, was to create a good, comprehensive overview of naval operations spiced up with a lot of cool individual stories.

As for me, the other co-editor? I love the ocean, but I’m no sailor. I can say “Arrrr!” and talk like a pirate and that’s about it (me hearty!). My job as co-editor was to help Dwight bring this passion project to life and throw him a life preserver if he started going under. He didn’t.

The book features another beautiful cover photo by Chris Heisey—this one capturing the iconic view of the Cumberland River from Fort Donelson—as well as a Heisey photo essay inside. You’ll also find forty-five pieces by eighteen writers, plus maps by both Hal Jespersen and Edward Alexander. And there’s a photo of a very dapper-looking Dwight in his dress whites from his days back when he served on the USS Monitor—er, I mean, back when he was in the Navy.

You can pick up your copy of The Civil War on the Water directly from Savas Beatie or wherever good Civil War books are sold—the latest from the Emerging Civil War 10th Anniversary Series!




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  1. So excited to finally have this project finishing up! There are some really great inclusions in the book.

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