June 2023 Maine at War blog posts

In June 2023 my Maine at War blog reported on topics ranging from a new Civil War cruise and a new Civil War-related YouTube channel to wise advice for new recruits from a hard-bitten Maine infantryman.

The American Melody is one of the three ships that will carry passengers participating in American Cruise Lines’ 2024 Civil War cruise. (ACL)

June 7, 2023: The ultimate in Civil War cruises is scheduled for 2024

America Cruise Lines has announced “a new cruise that visits nearly every major battlefield of the Civil War.” Originating in New Orleans on May 3, 2024, the tour will see passengers sailing on three cruise ships and taking tour buses to visit various battlefields while spending 35 days crossing 13 states to end their trip at Gettysburg.

June 14, 2023: Don’t be a “Captain’s Pet”

A grizzled 10th Maine Infantry veteran shares with new and wannabe recruits important tips for becoming good soldiers. One key bit of advice: get along with the other soldiers and do “not get the name of ‘Captain’s Pet.’”

June 21, 2023: Maine at War unveils a new YouTube channel

Brian Swartz, who has writes the weekly Maine at War blog, has introduced a new YouTube channel titled Maine at War: Battlefields, Monuments & More. The new channel features narrated videos taken on battlefields or at out-of-state sites affiliated with Maine troops, plus videos of Civil War monuments located in Maine and elsewhere and Maine places that have a Civil War connection.

June 28, 2023: Bad intelligence leads to a nasty surprise near New Orleans

After Ben Butler orders a raid on Ponchatoula, Louisiana in 1862, participating Union soldiers discover to their detriment that intelligence sources were wildly inaccurate. Soldiers from Maine and Massachusetts pay dearly for the mistake.

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