Question of the Week: 10/2-10/8/23

What Civil War book[s] are you reading this fall?

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  1. 2 books at this moment…..

    I Dread the Thought of this Place

    The Key to the Shenandoah Valley.

  2. I am reading three
    The first is volume four of R.E. Lee by Douglas Southall Freeman, the second is “If We Are Striking For Pennsylvania” volume 1, June 3-June 21,1863 by co-authors Scott L. Mingus Sr. and Eric J. Wittenberg and the third is “Defending the Arteries of Rebellion” by Neil P. Chatelain.

    1. I highly recommend Ted’s reading list for obvious reasons. Hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Just finished I Dread The Thought Of The Place by Scott Hartwig. Currently reading a regimental on the 15th NY Heavy Artillery by Edward Altemos.

  4. I am currently reading Isaac O. Best History of the 121st New York Infantry. Next up Upton’s Regulars by Salvatore G. Cilella, Jr. I’m also making my way through Robert E. Lee’s Wartime Papers edited by Dowdey and Manarin. I’m thoroughly enjoying these.

  5. Just started “The Battles for Spotsylvania Courthouse and the Road to Yellow Tavern, May 7 -12, 1864”, by Gordon Rhea

  6. I’m on page 412 of Scott Hartwig’s massive volume “I Dread The Thought Of The Place”. I highly recommend his book.

  7. I am reading or recently finished the following (and recommend all):

    Ways & Means, which addresses how the U.S. paid for the war, a fascinating and under appreciated subject.

    Bound for Canaan, a new look at how the Underground Railroad came into being and operated.

    Finally, I Fear That I Shall Never Leave This Place, a collection of letters from a prisoner held on Johnson’s Island (in connection with research into one of my spouse’s Civil War ancestors who was also a POW on the Island).

  8. A Man By Any Other Name – William Clarke Quantrill and the Search for American Manhood. Eager to compare its content to that in Ed Leslie’s biography!

  9. “The Scourge of War: The Life of William Tecumseh Sherman” by Brian Holden Reid, a great historian who, as far as I know, still teaches at King’s College.

  10. “The Second Day at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863, Culp’s Hill and the North End of the Battlefield” by Kris and Chris, allegedly. Savas says that this loooong-awaited book is finally coming out. Yay! I really enjoy these ECW publications.

  11. Just finished “The Battle of Pea Ridge” by James R. Knight and have”Reveille in Washington” by Margaret Leech queued up.

  12. Freedom’s Crescent: The Civil War and the Destruction of Slavery in the Lower Mississippi Valley by John C Rodrigue

  13. Steven Cowie’s, When Hell Came to Sharpsburg. It is an impressively researched and very well written. The account Cowie provides of the battle and the years long impact on the lives of the civilians’ of Sharpsburg is stunning.

  14. I just started “Gettysburg: Memory, Market, and An American Shrine” by Jim Weeks; I might read Gregory Coco’s “A Strange And Blighted Land: Gettysburg- The Aftermath Of A Battle” in November.

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