ECW Podcast: The Army Under Fire with Cecily Nelson Zander

Join Emerging Civil War’s chief historian, Cecily Nelson Zander, for a discussion about her new book, “The Army Under Fire: Antimilitarism in the Civil War Era.”

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5 Responses to ECW Podcast: The Army Under Fire with Cecily Nelson Zander

  1. Fantastic! Was by far the best podcast I’ve listened to in this series. As a retired Army Officer, I’ve long been interested in the tension between the regular Army and the “militia” and especially the topic about a standing professional military. Well done!

  2. Really enjoyed listening to this episode. I look forward to reading Cecily’s book. Sounds like a very thoughtful treatment of the subject. Very interesting.

  3. Great topic and good history lesson … for most of the nation’s history, a large peacetime military was an anathema to republican government … GW cautioned against them in his farewell address … and Ike struck similar chords in his farewell about the “military industrial complex” that was required to sustain large Cold War force structure … thanks!!!

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