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Sheritta Bitikofer is a lifelong student of history with a specific interest in the Civil War era. Along with being a wife, historical fiction author, and fur-mama of two, she is an active member of the Mobile and Pensacola Civil War Roundtables and currently pursuing a bachelors degree in US History at American Public University.

A Pensacola Refugee

It may be easy to forget sometimes that there was no hard border between the North and South during the Civil War. Citizens of both sides could find ways to migrate for the purpose of evading a war zone. Those … Continue reading

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A Soldier and His Housewife

We’ve all seen them behind plexiglass in countless museums. Strips of fabric sewn together, complete with pockets and flaps to hold sewing notions like spools of thread, needles, and spare buttons. Housewives, as they were called, were as varied and … Continue reading

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“Blackest Man in New Orleans” – Captain Cailloux of the Louisiana Native Guards – Part 2

Find Part One Here The Native Guards on the extreme right of the Union flank at Port Hudson were positioned in front of some of the roughest terrain on the battlefield and ordered to attack the strongest portion of the … Continue reading

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“Blackest Man in New Orleans” – Captain Cailloux of the Louisiana Native Guards – Part 1

The unit that would be later known as the Louisiana Native Guards found its start, astoundingly, in Confederate Louisiana in May of 1861. Accepted as a militia regiment by Governor Thomas Moore, 33 black officers and 731 privates – all … Continue reading

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Unpublished: Diary of a Louisiana Conscript

Extraordinary things can come bound in brown leather with tiny, cramped writing. In search of some family history, I took a trip to Tulane University’s Special Collections Archives in New Orleans. It was a trip for firsts. It was not … Continue reading

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Birth of a [Racist] Nation

It’s human nature for people to gravitate toward stories and media that line up with their perceptions of themselves, their communities, and their interpretation of history. Those stories then pass into popular consciousness, becoming part of the identity of the … Continue reading

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The Bullard Boys – Tragedy For A Mississippi Family

A closer examination of a single family during the war can sometimes reveal much about the universal struggles and hardships of the average soldier and civilian. One family was the recipient of a letter written by one new volunteer of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Gettysburg’s Lost Love Story: The Ill-Fated Romance of General John Reynolds and Kate Hewitt

I’m a sucker for a good love story. One of the most mysterious love stories in Civil War history unfolded on the battlefield at Gettysburg. Leading the First Corps on the morning of July 1, 1863, Major General John Reynolds … Continue reading

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On The March: Marching In Their Footsteps

Those who are familiar with living history events hosted by museums or parks may not be surprised to see a few men walking around in Union or Confederate uniforms, toting their knapsacks/haversacks and sitting around meager campfires with dog tents … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Sarah Morgan and the Old State House in Baton Rouge

The Louisiana Old State Capitol Museum in Baton Rouge has remained one of the many popular tourist sites for the city since 1994 when it was made into Louisiana’s Center for Political and Governmental History, and educational history museum. This … Continue reading

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