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The Civil War Bachelorette

Once upon a time on a dreary winter’s evening two historians who had been eating too many chocolate chip cookies stumbled across an idea. Whether the following events actually happened or were merely the figment of overactive imaginations, we leave … Continue reading

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John Breckinridge’s Unforgettable Get-Away!

Newspaper transcriptions are amazing projects. These advertisements are believed to have appeared in The Richmond Joker on April 1, 1865…. It’s April 1865 the final days of the Confederacy. Let’s just acknowledge it. You’re going to have some choices in … Continue reading

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“Gentlemen, I am going on the train with all the soldiers, but my schedule says it’s time for you to take a leave of absence. And I got a notice from the Board of Occupational Safety Hardship Advancement (OSHA) and … Continue reading

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Returns To The General Store

Late one evening two researchers – who may or may not have stumbled upon a strong drink concoction – opened a dusty box deep in an archival basement. They thought they found a security tape from a department store and … Continue reading

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One Evening At Gettysburg…

It was one of those evenings when you’d just rather sit in your tent and zone-out. The Union generals had been playing “catch-up on the campaign” ever since the now-fired Joe Hooker had started a belated pursuit of the Confederate … Continue reading

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