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ECW on C-SPAN: Longstreet in the Wilderness

The next installment from the Third Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge airs this weekend on C-SPAN 3. The Battle of the Wilderness and Longstreet’s Counterattack, presented by Kris White, will air Saturday night at 6:00 p.m., Eastern. … Continue reading

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ECW5: Kris White

I’m very proud of what the ECW family has accomplished in five short years: multiple books series, an annual symposium, and our speakers bureau, just to name a few. But for all that we have done, my favorite memory comes … Continue reading

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What Historians Really Do–Part 1

Elmer Ellsworth. This is the man who has been the focus of my intellectual life for over ten years, although there were times earlier that he was certainly in my sights. Who knows exactly why one person, one battle, one … Continue reading

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A Fine Fossil

Among Civil Warriors, I’m old-fashioned. I wear bow ties to speaking events, and sign my books with a fountain pen. But dog my cats if I have found a finer characterization of who I would like to be—don’t tell my … Continue reading

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Sutlers of Note

Here at ECW we often discuss different ways to present information. We also discuss what kind of information to present. It is true that most of our writers are men, and most of them dole out great pieces about “mud … Continue reading

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In Memory of Harry Pfanz

The Civil War community lost a giant late last month. Harry Pfanz, former chief historian for Gettysburg National Military Park, passed away on January 27 after a long illness. He was 93. (Read his obituary in The Gettysburg Times.) Few … Continue reading

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Happy Third Birthday to ECW!

While we have spent most of our attention the past few days on the Emerging Civil War at Stevenson Ridge, this past weekend offered other good news for us here at ECW: It marked Emerging Civil War’s third birthday. It was three years … Continue reading

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The Confederate Dead of Alsop Farm

I have stared at the Confederate dead, laid out in a long neat row, for entire summers, but still they have yet to reveal their stories to me. All I really know is that they were killed on May 19, 1864 … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Recap

The 150th anniversary of Gettysburg brought a flurry of posts to the Emerging Civil War blog. Over the last two weeks, our authors have offered many different perspectives on the battle, its consequences, and its significance. We’ll have more coverage … Continue reading

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Where Did Joe Hooker Lose the Battle of Chancellorsville?

One hundred and fifty years ago today, the Army of the Potomac sat safely on the north side of the Rappahannock River after being manhandled by the Army of Northern Virginia during the battle of Chancellorsville. As my colleague Kris … Continue reading

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