The Aftermath of Fredericksburg

In the aftermath of the battle of Fredericksburg, recriminations flew and fingers pointed as people tried to assign and avoid blame for the debacle. The aftermath of fighting also saw one of the war’s most famous acts of compassion—160 years ago today.

From the ECW YouTube page:


For more from Fredericksburg this year, read (and watch) on….

ECW was fortunate to take part in the American Battlefield Trust’s observance of the 160th anniversary of the battle Fredericksburg on December 13. Sarah Kay Bierle, Dan Davis, Chris Mackowski, and Kris White went on locations for a series of videos from the battlefield.

In case you missed them, you can check them out by following the links below to the Trust’s YouTube page:

Why Fredericksburg?


The Street Fighting at Fredericksburg


The Slaughter Pen of Fredericksburg


The Battle for Marye’s Heights


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