We have a variety or authors specializing in many areas of Civil War history. We are constantly looking for and adding new authors. Check the scroll-down list of authors regularly for updates.

Please note, any opinions expressed at Emerging Civil War are those solely of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any organization they work for.

2 Responses to Authors

  1. Mike Powell says:

    I was hoping to add our Round Table to your list. We are a relatively new organization, but have grown significantly. We have over 700 members and attract 275-300 at each first Tuesday meeting. You can view our web site at Also, I would like make contact with someone in you organization to discuss possible speakers. Our membership has a significant number of women so we cover many diverse topics. Thanks for any consideration in my requests

  2. Bob Lee says:

    Hello, I see you are doing a talk in Marietta on Petersburg and the 7th WV. It might interest the Roundtable there to know there were about 2 companies of Ohioans in the 7th, as well as nearly 2 companies of Pennsylvanians. People also often forget that there were West Virginians defending Petersburg, in the 7th, 11th & 12 the Va Cav., as well as the 31st Va Inf. and the 27th Va Inf., which included the sharpshooter Mike Foster, who was critically wounded there, as well as Christian Kuhl of the Gilmer Rifles, who is shown wearing the jacket he was wounded in at Petersburg in the 1913 film of the 50th Gettysburg Anniversary.

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