150th Anniversary Posts

We have been working on a number of projects for the coming year. Some of us will be conducting a tour at Gettysburg May 5th. Others are preparing for upcoming speaking engagements. All of us are working on 150th anniversary posts.

2012 marks the anniversary of the 1862 battles, and as we make our way through the year, we will have a number of posts covering the battles of 1862. Our plan for the year is to cover many of the battles with post’s explaining the history of a battle. We will then expand upon these battles by having more in-depth posts exploring various units, stories from the field, preservation issues, etc… We will run these posts the anniversary week of each battle we cover. Below is a list of just some of the battles we will be covering. It will be a busy year all around for our authors.

  • Shiloh
  • Jackson’s Valley Campaign
  • The Seven Days Battles
  • 2nd Manassas
  • Antietam
  • Fredericksburg
  • Stones River
  • Grant’s First Push to Vicksburg

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