Bright Afternoon at the Bloody Angle

The Bloody Angle
Spotsylvania Court House
Sunday, March 25, 2012

Standing near the McGowen Monument, looking toward the West Angle. This was a particularly important spot for me, personally, because this is the area where I stood for the last stop of my tours. Hard to believe this very spot, once upon a time, was a “seething, bubbling, roaring hell of hate and murder.”

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3 Responses to Bright Afternoon at the Bloody Angle

  1. Robert T says:


  2. joe truglio says:

    Beautiful shot. I have been there several times. When the trees are in bloom it is such a serene peaceful spot. Who could ever envision the carnage.

  3. Daniel Davis says:

    A great spot from one of my favorite battlefields. What I like about the monument is the indentation in the base that fills with water when it rains; adding a symbolism to the monument to represent the conditions in which the brigade fought at the Bloody Angle.

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