Question of the Week for March 3, 2014

What is your favorite spot on the Gettysburg Battlefield to visit?

2nd Rhode Island Monument at Gettysburg.

2nd Rhode Island Monument at Gettysburg.

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14 Responses to Question of the Week for March 3, 2014

  1. David Corbett says:

    Little Round Top.

  2. Betty Callis says:

    Tennessee, North Carolina

  3. KSe says:

    Right in front of the North Carolina memorial, preferably at dawn looking out over the field… I also like the reverse perspective from the memorial stone for the 26th NC at the angle, but it’s often a bit too crowded there. Culp’s Hill is also a great place. Actually it is extremely hard to pick just one but if forced to I am sticking by the NC memorial.

  4. David A Moody says:

    Little Round Top and then the High Water Mark

  5. Jane Arnold says:

    Statue of Longstreet a little off the road near Pickett’s Charge and Pickett’s Charge. Was there Thanksgiving Day 2012. Had entire park pretty much to ourselves. Caught Longstreet, etc. just about as the sun was lowering. Beautiful day. Perfect to be near these places as the sadness of evening fell.

  6. Kirk C. Jenkins says:

    Devil’s Den. Has to be one of the 2-3 most atmospheric spots on any Civil War battlefield nationally. Runner-up: the Angle.

  7. Richard Jacoby says:

    The 54th New Yorks’ by Barlow’s knoll. Because so few venture there.

  8. sabers8th says:

    Half way to the High Water mark of Pickett’s Charge.

  9. sabers8th says:

    Reblogged this on 9 Months for the Union and commented:
    Do you have a favorite spot?

  10. Meg Thompson says:

    I am guessing the Gift Shop doesn’t count . . .

  11. singleseatfighterpilot says:

    Before the book, “Killer Angels” (and subsequent movie, starring Jeff Daniels), I had a strong attraction to that hillside on Little Round Top, where a bayonet charge repulsed Gen. Oates.

  12. joe truglio says:

    Any place where the Iron Brigade fought

  13. charles martin says:

    Early Morning – Iverson’s Pits on Forney’s Field (to feel the spirits of the North Carolina troops slaughtered there); Noon – Artillery Park for Henry’s Artillery Battalion of Hood’s Division (one of the few spots on battlefield with picnic tables for lunch); Sunset – Little Round Top.

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