A Tattered Welcome


Taking photos for Bert Dunkerly’s To the Bitter End, I snagged this one on the way into Appomattox Court House. The photo appears as a double-page spread near the beginning of the book, but it’s black and white, so I thought this was a good opportunity to share it in color.

The┬ácounty adopted the slogan “Where the Nation Reunited” years ago, but I thought the tattered flag that flies over the welcome sign serves as a fitting metaphor for the strains America has experienced because of the work that yet remains unfinished 150 years later.

5 Responses to A Tattered Welcome

  1. Well frankly, as a retired Marine and veteran of two wars, I have a real problem with folks who declare themselves “patriotic” yet fly tattered and/or dirty flags, let alone a county. Take it down, replace it, and take the flag no longer fit to be displayed to the VFW and/or the local Boy Scout troops for proper destruction. Good photo, however.

  2. You should see the reaction you get if you say anything – always politely – to folks with these unserviceable flags – especially car dealers, McDonald’s, etc. They act as though YOU’RE the one with the problem because you saw fit to speak up. You’re a curmudgeon.

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