Exciting Symposium Addition and Announcement

Wittenberg-EricWe are excited to announce that we have added author/historian Eric J. Wittenberg to our list of speakers for this years Second Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge. Eric’s topic will be “Joshua L. Chamberlain and Wade Hampton: Parallel Lives Well Lived.”

The talk focuses on two pivotal and well-known figures of the Civil War, Generals Joshua Chamberlain and Wade Hampton, both of whom served as the governors of their respective states after the Civil War. This discussion will compare and contrast their interesting lives and careers after 1865.

Eric J. Wittenberg is one of the leading experts on the Union cavalry operations in the Eastern Theater. He is the award-winning author and co-author of numerous books on the Civil War. His titles include Gettysburg’s Forgotten Cavalry Actions: Farnsworth’s Charge, South Cavalry Field, and the Battle of Fairfield, July 3, 1863; Protecting the Flank at Gettysburg: The Battles of Brinkerhoff’s Ridge and East Cavalry Field, July 2-3, 1863; and Glory Enough for All: Sheridan’s Second Raid and the Battle of Trevilian Station. While not leading tours or lecturing on the war, Eric is also a devoted baseball and hockey fan.

We have also launched our Detailed Schedule of Events page. Be sure to check out all of the great topics we have in store.

This years symposium will be held on August 7-9, 2015; at Stevenson Ridge-in Spotsylvania, Virginia. Stevenson Ridge offers elegant and historic lodging at one of their several historic cottages.  Attendees to the Symposium will receive 10% off the lodging rate.  For more information contact Stevenson Ridge at 540-582-6263 or visit their website at: www.stevensonridge.com.

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  1. I met Mr. Wittenberg at the Bentonville reenactment in March. I was very impressed and got into hot water at home by bringing about a half dozen books personally autographed by him home to burst the seams of my already overflowing bookshelf. I loved his response to my question about what he has written about that Edward Longacre hasn’t. He showed me a plethora of volumes that he had written about the cavalry at Gettysburg compared to the single volume by Mr. Longacre. I’ve now got my reading cut out for me about one of my favorite Civil War subjects.

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