A Look Back at ECW’s Past Thanksgivings

stock-graphics-vintage-thanksgiving-postcard-01991In 2012, ECW celebrated Thanksgiving by publishing its 500th post. For Thanksgiving this year, we don’t hit any nice, tidy milestones, but we’re up to 1,738 posts (as of this one).

None of our success over the past four and a half years would have been possible without the amazing support we continue to get from YOU, Constant Reader. Thanks for all you do for us. YOU are what we’re most thankful for this holiday.

While the staff at ECW enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. you might want to take a look back at some of our popular Thanksgiving-related posts from years past.

Meg Groeling can’t seem to let the holiday pass without a nod to the annual presidential turkey pardon:
The Lincoln Turkey Pardon
Lincoln Pardons Turkey, but Not General Porter
Obama pardons cheese

Meg has also offered historical instructions on boiling turkeys.

In 1863, the Army of the Potomac undertook the opening marches for the Mine Run Campaign. Chris Mackowski looked back for the Sesquicentennial.

On Thanksgiving of the next year, in 1864, Winfield Scott Hancock stepped down from command of the Army of the Potomac’s II Corps. Ryan Quint shared the tale on the 150th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Meg offered a look at what the soldiers and sailors were up to on that particular Thanksgiving.

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