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Some exciting news from our sister site, Emerging Revolutionary War:

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Although it’s been nearly 250 years since America’s founding, the Revolutionary era continues to capture people’s imaginations. To explore that story even further, the editors of Emerging Revolutionary War have partnered with publisher Savas Beatie, LLC, for a new book series that will highlight the key events, people, and stories of America’s foundational experience.

The Emerging Revolutionary War Series will offer overviews of battles, politics, and biographies aimed at general audiences. Each book will be supplemented with dozens of original photos and all-new maps.

“These books are modeled after our highly popular Emerging Civil War Series,” explains publisher Theodore P. Savas. “The books are reader-friendly, and offer the perfect introductory-level chance to explore some great stories.”

Phill Greenwalt
Phill Greenwalt, ERW editor-in-chief

Emerging Revolutionary War Editor-in-Chief Phillip S. Greenwalt says the series—like the blog it’s based on—will cover the entire Revolutionary era, from the Sons of Liberty through the earliest years of the Republic. “From the military battles for independence to the political battles that shaped the government, the founding of America offers a lot of high drama,” Greenwalt says. “It also has the most colorful cast of characters of any period in American history—people who have become household names, like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin.”

While most Americans know something about the country’s founding, Savas suggests a lot of that history has become shrouded in what he calls “American mythology.” “Having short, accessible histories about these events and personalities will help people better understand the real stories,” he says. “We really want to help readers engage with this history and shed new light on it and ignite a flame of interest.”

The timing, Savas adds, could not be more perfect. Recent Congressional legislation has opened new monies to preserve Revolutionary War battlefields, and the Civil War Trust has launched “Campaign 1776” to target Rev War battlefield preservation. Savas Beatie recently joined their campaign to help raise funds to preserve some of the endangered Brandywine battlefield by republishing a special edition of Brandywine: A Military History of the Battle that Lost Philadelphia but America, September 11, 1777 by Michael Harris.

“With more emphasis on preservation,” Greenwalt explained, “there’s more general interest in this period of history. Our new book series will help readers get out on the ‘hallowed ground’ and learn about the struggles that took place there.”

The first books of the series will focus on the battles of Lexington and Concord and the battles of Trenton and Princeton. “We thought we’d start the war at its beginning with the first shots fired,” Greenwalt revealed. “Then we wanted to look at the vital turning point at the very end of 1776, as winter set in after a long, dismal summer and fall.”

Greenwalt, who will serve as series editor, is a supervisory park ranger for Everglades National Park. Prior to his current position, Phil spent seven years as a historian with the National Park Service at George Washington Birthplace National Monument and Thomas Stone National Historic Site.

Working closely with Greenwalt, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the series, will be managing editor Hannah Gordon. Gordon is editor-in-chief of St. Bonaventure University’s weekly campus newspaper, The Bona Venture, where she manages a 35-person staff. She has written for Buffalo Rising, The Buffalo NewsUSA Today College, and Emerging Civil War.

Also serving on the editorial board is Emerging Revolutionary War contributor and co-founder Rob Orrison. Orrison has been working in the history field for more than 20 years. He has a wide range of interests and has worked in museums and historic sites that range from the Colonial era to the Civil War era and the early 20th Century.

Rounding out the Emerging Revolutionary War editorial board is award-winning author Eric Wittenberg. An attorney in Columbus, Ohio, Wittenberg is the author of nearly 20 books. Best known for his expertise as a Civil War historian, he has also written on a variety of Revolutionary War topics.

The first books in the series are slated for a spring 2017 release.

Emerging Revolutionary War ( serves as a public history-oriented platform for sharing original scholarship related to the American Revolutionary Era. The site is an offshoot of Emerging Civil War (

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  1. I hope you will go back to having a day a week with articles about the Revolutionary War…and not wait until 2017 to post them…just a short article a weeknow, and begin the book series in 2017.
    I enjoy ECW so much! Thank you!

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