Julie Mujic Talks Desertion and Abandonment

Good luck today to ECW’s Julie Mujic, who’s presenting a paper at the conference of the Society of Civil War Historians in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Julie, an assistant professor of history at Sacred Heart University, recently did a Q&A with the SCWH about her work.

In Chattanooga, Julie is presenting as part of a panel at 10:45 this morning, chaired by Elizabeth Leonard of Colby College, called “Fraud, Violence, & Desertion: Northern Reactions to War That Test Paludan’s Law and Order Theory.” Julie’s paper is titled “Finding Leander Davis: Desertion and Abandonment during the American Civil War.”

Other panelists:
Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai, Angelo State University, “Criminal Intent: How Americans Understood the Civil War Through the Lens of Fraud”

Ian Delahanty, Springfield College, “From Race to Rioters to Soldiers: Irish Immigrants, Violence, and Order in Northern Cities and Union Camps”

J. Matthew Gallman of the University of Florida will moderate the response.

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