ECW Honors Ted Savas

Theodore_P._SavasAs part of Emerging Civil War’s fifth anniversary commemoration, we are pleased to inaugurate the second of two new awards: The Brig. Gen. Robert Greely Stevenson Award for Service to Emerging Civil War. This award is given as occasion dictates to a person or entity that has performed invaluable service to Emerging Civil War. The recipient of this year’s inaugural award is Theodore P. Savas, managing partner of the publishing firm Savas Beatie, LLC.

“Simply put, Emerging Civil War would not be where we are today without Ted Savas,” said ECW’s editor-in-chief, Chris Mackowski.

ECW’s Chief Historian, Kristopher D. White, made the initial contact with Savas in the fall of 2012. “He agreed on the spot to support what became the Emerging Civil War Series,” White explains. “The move proved to be a watershed event for us and for Ted. We made the jump from the blogosphere to the bookshelf.”

“I am humbled and honored by the award, and pleased that I was and am able to play a role in Emerging Civil War’s development,” explains Savas. “Working with historians and writers the caliber of Chris Mackowski and Kris White—and all the others—is a pleasure afforded to few in my position.”

The Emerging Civil War Series currently features twenty-two titles, with another twenty in various stages of development. The series was recently recognized by the Army Historical Society with its Lt. Gen. Richard G. Trefry Award for contributions to the field.

Savas entered the publishing industry in 1990, when he and David A. Woodbury co-founded Savas Woodbury Publishers, which, in 1995, became Savas Publishing. In 2001, Savas Publishing was sold into a merger deal with Combined Publishing of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and Perseus Books Group of Boston and New York. In 2004, he and the late Russell H. Beatie founded Savas Beatie, LLC. Savas remains majority partner and managing director of the company, a leader in Civil War publishing.

Savas holds a B.A. in history from the University of Northern Iowa and a J.D. from the University of Iowa College of Law. He has written, edited, or co-authored a dozen books, published in seven languages, and is the co-founder of the original Civil War Regiments, a quarterly scholarly journal that is being revived in digital form in conjunction with Emerging Civil War. Savas was also part of the expedition in 1994-1995, sponsored by author Clive Cussler, that located the Confederate submarine C.S.S. Hunley off Charleston, South Carolina

Aside from Savas Beatie’s work with the Emerging Civil War Series and the upcoming relaunch of the Civil War Regiments series, the company is working on the launch of a book series based on ECW’s sister site, Emerging Revolutionary War. Additionally, Savas Beatie has published a number of stand-alone volumes by a number of Emerging Civil War authors, including books by David Powell, Eric Wittenberg, and Mackowski and White, with a work by Steve Davis in progress.

ECW’s Brig. Gen. Thomas Greely Stevenson Award is named for a Union general killed at the battle of Spotsylvania Court House on the eastern front of the battlefield, near the location now known as Stevenson Ridge, where ECW holds its annual symposium. Stevenson, from Massachusetts, served as a division commander with the Federal IX Corps at the time of his death.

6 Responses to ECW Honors Ted Savas

  1. Congratulations!! You have some amazing accomplishments! You well deserved this award! I am eager
    to see the ERW series!

  2. Absolutely agree. Ted Savas and Savas Beatie are excellent examples of fascinating, thorough, and accurate publicationsof American History. Ted not only is the CEO of Savas Beatie, but is also a historian and enthusiast of American Military History. It is excellent that he enjoys reading about the Civil War just as much as he likes publishing the excellent books published by Savas Beatie. Ted’s company/organization has”picked up the banner” of the great publishers of Civil War History (Morning Side, Texian Press, Pioneer Press). The difference is that Savas Beatie will be around for many more years publishing outstanding non-fiction historical books. The authors he has published are the top notch historians in their field such as Ed Bearss, Scott Mingus Sr., John M. Priesf, Eric Wittenberg and John Schmutz just to name a few. Congrats to Ted and Savas Beatie on a well earned award.

  3. Savas-Beatie is now among the most influential publishers of Civil War material going. Quite an acheivement, Ted!

  4. Well-earned. Dave sums it up nicely. S-B has filled an important niche and actually expanded it. Nothing beats the combination of a committed, discerning publisher (who happens to actually think that maps are important) and a roster of top-rank authors.

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