ECW5: Bert Dunkerly


by Bert Dunkerly

Sometimes the best thing is saved for last. You’ll see what I mean.

ECW is involved in a lot of things: tours, preservation, books, a blog, a symposium, etc. This multifaceted approach allows us to reach many people in many ways. But the heart and soul of ECW, and where it all started, was with books.

The thing I enjoy about our books are the fresh perspectives we offer in the Appendixes, where guest authors contribute to the topic of that volume. Sometimes they debunk well-established myths, address common misconceptions, or offer thoughts on lesser-known aspects of the battle or campaign.

The Appendixes go beyond the topic at hand to explore issues in its historiography, its preservation, and new thoughts or angles on common assumptions. These articles also allow many guest historians, new to writing, to gain a voice and begin their own journeys as writers.

The importance of these thoughts goes beyond just enhancing that particular book. They “date” the book. In ten, fifty, let’s hope a hundred years, when readers pick up an ECW book, they will see what issues or concerns the historians of the 2010s were concerned with.

The Appendixes are a unique, ECW-specific feature that no other mainstream books on battles, campaigns, and leaders offer.

Sometimes the best really is last.

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