Question of the Week: 12/12-12/18/16

Question-HeaderDo you have a favorite military unit from the Battle of Fredericksburg? Why do you admire them?

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  1. Barksdale’s Brigade, 13th Mississippi in particular. My great grandfather, Private Francis Burns fought here (twice actually) with the lads from the 13th MS. It is great to walk in his footsteps.

  2. The Engineer Brigade and the 7th Michigan; assault bridging operations are among the toughest battlefield tasks.

  3. I agree with Mike Burns.
    Barksdale’s Brigade, 13th Mississippi in particular, for me as well.
    My 3x Great-Grandfather, Private Francis Marion Carter, was wounded during the street fighting on 11 December.
    Standing on Caroline and Princess Anne Streets fires the imagination.

  4. I don’t really have a “favorite,” although one of my favorite tours when working at Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania was the Marye’s Heights tour where I talked about the artillery from atop the ridge.

    All that said, Robert Ransom’s division doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves.

  5. The 7th Michigan and 20th Massachusetts. They wrote the book on riverine crossings and street fighting on the fly, during the Federal crossing on the 11th.

    At Prosepect Hill I love talking about the 2nd and 11th Pa Reserves, they get very little credit for breaking the enemy lines.

    On the other side I love William Barksdale. He and his went above and beyond to slow an entire army for nearly one full day.

  6. Pelham’s artillery section that delayed the entire Union advance with two pieces of artillery. Makes me think of the lone student standing in front of the line of tanks in the Tiananmen Square protests in China.

  7. My vote goes with Mr Martin Pelham’s artillery section .’nimbly shifting his guns each time the Federals found his range,the young officer kept many times his own number of Federal guns engaged until Stuart ,fearing to lose the brave but rash artilleryman issued orders he give up the fight and retire to a safer position. ” E. I. Stackpole The Fredericks Campaign .

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