Civil War Trust Announces Two Big Successes!


This past week, the Civil War Trust announced two preservation victories. Their first announcement was an update on the expansion of Petersburg National Battlefield. According to the Trust’s press release, “Last week, Congress voted to expand the boundary of Petersburg National Battlefield in Virginia by more than 7,000 acres. While no land will be immediately transferred to the park, this bill could make Petersburg the largest national battlefield park in the country! This exciting development is the culmination of years of effort by the Civil War Trust, its allies in the conservation community and—most importantly—members like you.”

The release also included details about what exactly would be incorporated into the boundary expansion. “With this expansion, Petersburg National Battlefield’s authorized boundary will include battlefields of the 1864-65 Petersburg Campaign that were not previously part of the park, including places…at the Petersburg Breakthrough, White Oak Road and Ream’s Station.”

Additionally, the Trust released breaking news this week regarding one of their primary fights to save the Revolutionary War battlefield at Princeton. During the fight, Washington himself led a counterattack which defeated the British regulars, his first time doing so during the war. “[P]art of the ground where George Washington led the storied charge at Princeton was being cleared in preparation for a faculty housing complex for the Institute for Advanced Study, a private independent academic institution,” however, “…the Institute and the Civil War Trust have reached an agreement to preserve the site of George Washington’s famous counterattack!” In all, the Trust reports that there is an opportunity to save 15 acres at this site.

Dan Welch

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