Year In Review: 1860’s Politics

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To put modern electoral events in a unique perspective, Emerging Civil War hosted a special blog series “1860’s Politics” in October – November 2016. ECW authors and a couple guest writers joined the effort, and the series proved to be enjoyable, educational, and hopefully relieved some election stress. Twenty-five articles addressed political leaders, elections, propaganda, politics of war, and other relevant topics.

ECW author Sarah Kay Bierle led the charge for “1860’s Politics” and says it was a great experience from the blog admin side. She hopes to continue special month-long series in the coming years on topics that need a little extra spotlight.

Check out the archives and review the articles highlighting an often overlooked topic in Civil War history: 1860’s Politics

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  1. Meg Groeling says:

    So glad ECW did this–hope to see & be a part of more efforts in this vein.

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