Tonight’s Sunset from Charleston

In Rob Wilson’s guest post this morning, Army of the Potomac Private George Augustus Marden asked to be delivered “from anymore Southern winters.”

And with that in mind, I present this evening’s sunset from the Battery in Charleston, South Carolina—one of my favorite Civil War cities:


Not to make anyone up north jealous, but it hit 65 today. However, the wind also blew at about 15 miles per hours most of the day, so here on the Battery, it was too breezy to sit on the front porch and write and smoke a cigar.

But the forecast tomorrow is calling for less wind and temps as high as 72….

2 Responses to Tonight’s Sunset from Charleston

  1. Chris: Sorry the wind spoiled your writing session and cigar smoking on the porch in Charleston. Raise your stogie tomorrow in a salute to those of us here in Mass. weathering our wet snow and wind and enjoy the 70+ weather.

  2. Beautiful pic! We’re fixin’ to move to that area late this year, early next. Love that town. BTW, saw your performance on the American Heroes Channel CW series. Lots of energy and sincerity. My vote for an Emmy. Excellent presentation. Best wishes for your continued success.

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