Modern Photography: An Introduction

our-favorite-modern-civil-war-photosIt’s February. Winter. And perhaps the chilly weather is keeping you housebound with your history books?

Avoid the winter blues and battlefield “homesickness” by admiring modern photographs from Civil War battlefields and other historical locations.

ECW authors and photographers have been busy going through our archives to bring you beautiful images of where history was made. We’re excited to present our new blog series: Our Favorite (Modern) Civil War Photos.

Prepare for photographic essays in your inbox or newsfeed – starting today and going through the beginning of March. We hope this special series brightens your winter days and inspires you to ready your hiking boots and cameras for adventures when the snow clears!

Gettysburg Peach Orchard
Gettysburg Peach Orchard

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  1. Completely off the topic, but did any ECW folk see the Antiques Roadshow Civil War Era Special (1/24/17)? Several stories for writers there, especially one based on Confederate surgeon Wm. H. Pierce’s letters.

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