On Location: Where Stonewall Jackson Got Shot

I’m On Location at Chancellorsville once again—this time at the scene of one of the most famous incidences of the war. Stonewall Jackson, riding along the Mountain Road, was accidentally shot by his own men—and we’ve been talking about it ever since.

For a more complete telling of the wounding of Stonewall Jackson, you can read an excerpt from The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson, which I co-authored with Kris White.

We also have an audiobook excerpt available for you to listen to.

A lot of Jackson fans ask, “What if he hadn’t gotten shot?” Well, a two-part post addresses the (mis-)assumptions that often underlie that question.

The Park Service undertook a conservation project to help preserve the original Mountain Road roadbed in 2012. You can look here for details.

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2 Responses to On Location: Where Stonewall Jackson Got Shot

  1. David Corbett says:

    I enjoy these videos and the narrator has a fine, pleasing voice.

  2. GoCardsDeb says:

    Thank you so much. I’m researching where the NC skirmishers were and Jackson’s location when wounded as I once again read Shelby Foote’s Civil War, and your video was most helpful. A visit is on my bucket list.

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