My Favorite Historical Person: A Conclusion

It’s been a few weeks since My Favorite Historical Person began, and it’s time to conclude the official series. Of course, we’ll still keep talking about historical figures and their place in the historical record since that’s a typical subject here at Emerging Civil War.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the series. It has revealed some lesser-known historical figures and given writers and readers a chance to share about favorites through the articles and comments.

We learned that “favorite” is often an unfair term and quite a few of the posts began with little disclaimers about how hard it is to choose a favorite or how favorites are organized into categories like most-admired, favorite journal-keeper, best “supporting character.” (So don’t be mad if someone claims a different favorite historical character at a later time or has a consistent all-time favorite that they didn’t write about this time…)

Don’t forget – this week’s Question of the Week was an “open-forum” to shout out your favorites. We’ve presented some categories and made it possible for you to share about favorite historical people – eliminating the dilemma of choosing one favorite. Go answer the questions!

If you’ve missed the series or want to re-read your favorite posts, we’ve organized all the articles in the series HERE. Enjoy, and get ready for continuing historical articles throughout the summer and our new series later in the year!

2 Responses to My Favorite Historical Person: A Conclusion

  1. Sad it’s over. Could it return every once in a while? I looked forward to it daily, and it initiated lots of discussions and research. Thank you for posting it.

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