Year in Review 2017: #5

Lt. Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson continues to fascinate historians and aficionados. One of the more interesting aspects of Jackson’s life are the horses he owned, especially Little Sorrel. 

Most-read blog post #5 of 2017 is Stonewall’s Horses by Sarah Kay Bierle published on January 19, 2017.

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  1. Being by far one of the most popular generals of the Civil War behind Lee and Grant only probably I wonder why we can’t get a definitive book or multi-volume series like Powell’s Chickamauga or hartwig’s Maryland campaign on the valley campaign. Tanner is dated, total lack of maps, and an obvious very strong Southern slant. Peter cozzens rectified the strong Southern slant but we still have a total lack of quality Maps and not near the amount of information that’s available if you read the individual battles by Robert k r i c k us. I’ve always been probably a little harder than most readers on the lack of quality Maps because not having a huge income it’s frustrating to have to go by Old Blue and Gray magazines to find the maps for the battles. And the most amazing thing about Jackson’s Valley campaign is the constant movement and dividing of his troops and the circles he was running around the multiple Union armies which only makes the case for many quality Maps more important. I hope someone with so many Jackson fans out there is working on that because that would be one huge top seller!

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