Congratulations to D.P. Newton

Newton and Hodge
Robert Lee Hodge (left) presents CVBT’s Dr. Mike Stevens Award for Preservation to D. P. Newton (right).

Congratulations to ECW’s friend, D.P. Newton, owner of the White Oak Civil War Museum in Stafford, Virginia. Last night, the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust presented D.P. with its second annual Dr. Mike Stevens Award for Preservation.

During the presentation, CVBT Board Member Robert Lee Hodge called D.P. “a fisherman and a carpenter,” referring to D.P.’s literal carpentry skills–he once made a meticulous reproduction cannon and carriage–and his low-key ability to wow people with the variety and quality of his museum’s collection. “It’s homespun. It’s not corporate,” Hodge said of the museum and why he likes it so much. 

We here at ECW considerWhite Oak Civil War Museum a must-see for anyone visiting the Fredericksburg area. The museum focuses on the experience of Union soldiers during the 1862-63 winter encampment in Stafford County. (read Kris White’s ECW Weekender on the museum for more info.) Our understanding of the winter encampments and the experience of the Union army has been fundamentally shaped by Newton’s decades of work.

Last weekend, D.P. was honored with the DAR History Award Medal by the Historian General of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. ECW was one of several organizations to nominate D.P. for the award.

Congratulations to D.P.–and thanks for all you’ve done to help promote Civil War history!

11 Responses to Congratulations to D.P. Newton

  1. It was a wonderful evening, and a special moment to have DP recognized for his contributions. So glad I was able to be there.

  2. Interesting to see Robert Hodge in a sport jacket rather than his “starvation” Civil War garb. Tony Horwitz forever immortalized him as a “hard core” reenactor in Confederates in the Attic.

    1. Rob cleans up well! 😉 Don’t worry, though, he wore his battlefield garb on Sunday for the tour at Spotsy!

  3. It was a fine evening. Thank you DP for an exceptional museum.
    Paul Scott

  4. Congrats to DP! He looks a bit frail though. I remember a more robust DP when I last saw him maybe 15 years ago. I hope he is doing well.

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