Scenes from Vicksburg, Day 1 (part 1)

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I’m with my ECW co-founder Kris White in Vicksburg, Mississippi, to help the American Battlefield Trust commemorate the 155th anniversary of Grant’s campaign to take the city. While you’ll be able to follow our adventures on Facebook LIVE, I thought I’d share a few extra pictures from along the way.

One of our stops yesterday was Grant’s canal on DeSoto Point, in what’s today Delta, Louisiana. Because the Facebook app crashed, we shot our piece in three segments (one, two, three). I thought I broke Facebook!

Grant's Canal
Little remains of the canal, although it’s distinct enough to see well in person. The far end, shown here, still collects water.

Grant's Canal markers
A few markers tell the story of the canal. The sidewalk runs parallel to the canal’s remains.
Conor at Grant's Canal
The Trust’s social media guru, Connor Townsend, checks out a wayside sign that shows the location of the canal (lower-left on the map) in relation to the point and Vicksburg.
9th CT monument Vburg
The 9th Connecticut monument honors one of the regiments that helped build the initial canal in the summer of 1862.
9th CT monument Vburg sketch
A close-up of the monument, which shows men suffering from disease and heatstroke while working.

Here’s more info on the 9th Connecticut Monument.

I’ll share more pictures, but be sure to follow along on our adventures over the next two days on Facebook!

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