Podcast Additional Resources: “Civil War Music”

Last week we released an episode of the Emerging Civil War Podcast about Civil War music! Have you listened to it yet via Patreon?

We thought it would be helpful to share some of the blog posts from the archives about the topic to encourage further discussion and research. Enjoy these additional links and resources…

A History of Civil War Drummer Boys, Part 1

A History of Civil War Drummer Boys, Part 2

Gone For A Soldier: Journeys of Irish American Music & Patriotism

Music in tribute to Lincoln

Does the American Civil War need a theme song?

“Sally had a baby, and the baby had red hair,” Part 1

“Sally had a baby, and the baby had red hair,” Part 2

1860’s Politics: Songs For The Campaign Trail

1860’s Politics: Confederate Political Songs?

Hits of the Sixties!

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2 Responses to Podcast Additional Resources: “Civil War Music”

  1. ED Flanagan says:

    I enjoyed the podcast very much, I’ve listen to it 3 times.

    Here is my top ten Civil War Music CDs:
    1-“Songs of the Civil War” Ken Burns use of contemporary artists
    2-“Ken Burns Civil War Soundtrack”
    3-“Irish Volunteer” David Kincaid
    4-“A Treasury of Civil War Songs” Tom Glazer
    5-“Songs of the Civil War” The Cumberland Three
    6-“Glory Soundtrack”
    7-“Gettysburg Soundtrack”
    8-“The Civil War: Its Music and its Sound” Mercury Living Presence
    9-“Lincoln Portrait” Aaron Copland with Henry Fonda narrating
    10-“Sympony #6 Gettysburg” Roy Harris

  2. Sarah W. says:

    Have you heard of the 1st Brigade Band? They are a Civil War brass band out of Wisconsin that plays authentic era instruments. https://www.1stbrigadeband.org

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