Week In Review: November 5-11, 2018

This week offered more blog posts about Civil War Railroads as we concluded that special series, a new podcast, 2019 Symposium announcements, and more. Check out the complete list below.

It’s Veterans Day today, and the authors and editors at Emerging Civil War send a hearty and sincere “thank you” to all our readers and fans who have or are serving in the U.S. military. 


Question of the Week invites you to share accounts about trains.

Railroads: Guest author Nathan Marzoli wrote about the arrival of the regiments by train in Washington D.C. at a critical moment in 1861.


A new ECW Podcast “Gettysburg Civilians” is available to all subscribers!

Railroads: Ryan Quint points out the importance of the B&O Railroad during the Battle of Monocacy.

Chris Mackowksi shared some encouraging news about battlefield clean-up.


Railroads: Paige Gibbons Backus detailed the experiences refugees and railroads.

2019 Symposium announcements…

Chris Mackowski is haunted by typos and shares some perspectives from his writing desk.


Steve Davis reported on Civil War News’ Book Issue and the published treasures features in that publication’s pages this month.

Railroads: Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad reshaping an entire region.


Railroads: Guest author Jon-Erik Gilot shared his research on Union troops, a journey by rail, and bridge building.

ECW Weekender (Railroads): Meg Groeling gave a glimpse into her recent visit to the California State Railroad Museum and it’s Civil War focused display.

Chris Mackowski found another reflective quote by Theodore Lyman.


Preservation News celebrates American Battlefield Trust’s victories at Appomattox.

Railroads: Concluding a series and sharing a list of all the Civil War Railroads blog posts featured in the last three weeks!

Remembering the life, friendship, and legacy of Kenny Rowlette…


This morning guest author Rob Wilson shared reflections on war, the Civil War, and World War I for Veterans Day (and the 100th anniversary of the ending of the Great War in Europe).

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